Anywhere but Here is a general interest podcast that has been described as “A real yorkie podcast” by ‘A Random Listener’ we aren’t really sure what that means, but it sounds good.

July 7, 2019

Episode 248 - Nostalgia

On this episode of the Anywhere But Here Podcast Ant and Tom start off by talking about some massive blunders President Trump has been making recently and some of the conversations they've been having on social media.

After getting to the point that they can no longer stand talking about this (which isn't very long) they get on to Tom's bottle cap challenge video and how Glastonbury seems to have taken on both a really important political aspect as well as catering to extreme fans of nostalgia.

In amongst this, the guys talk about the difference between live guitar music and dance music, bands that have played the best live but how bands that make mistakes are better. 

Some of the more recent film releases are discussed including Yesterday, Rocketman and Toy Story 4.


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