Anywhere but Here is a general interest podcast that has been described as “A real yorkie podcast” by ‘A Random Listener’ we aren’t really sure what that means, but it sounds good.

June 24, 2018

Episode 221 – Two Ears, One Mouth

This episode of the Anywhere But Here Podcast sees Ant and Tom talking on the Chris Hardwick allegations but from a more considered approach, rather than the extreme opinions being spouted by Twitter users, both those who know the couple involved and those that don't. Basically, the theme of today's episode is take a step back, think about things before reacting to them and ask open questions. This is not quite the open and shut case that the Weinstein allegations appeared to be. So, as with many things in life we have two ears and one mouth so should use them in that ratio (a maxim Tom's primary school teacher said once that has stayed with you ever since). Also on this episode Ant finally gets to see Hamilton and follows it with seeing Wicked on the same day. Tom git to see Pearl Jam at the O2 one the only night that Eddy Vedder's voice held out.

All this and more for your ears to feast on.


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