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January 8, 2017

Episode 183 – Don’t Worry Be Happy

Happy New Year!It's 2017, the year of positivity here at Anywhere But Here. Going forward Ant and Tom will be making a more conservative effort to go back to finding things to laugh about after the shit=show that was 2016.

But first, the last few weeks of 2016 took George Michael, Carrie Fisher and her Mum, Debbie Reynolds all passed away leaving the world that little bit duller.

It seems Ant moved at the right time as the redevelopment of a mosque at the end of his old street was protested by a whole 15 members of the far-right wing South-East Alliance. Thankfully, many more people of different faiths and races turned up to defend the mosque. Our previous guest, Daniel Son was at the defence and Facebooked live from the demonstration, so thanks to him for making us aware of it.

Pornhub has released some interesting statistics from 2015 including the fact that loads of people in the UK are searching for terms like 'cuckold' and 'giantess', as well as disturbing figures about viewing numbers from Christmas Day!

A Twitter accound called WhyILoveYou was stumbled across this week which seems to be a person hoping to have their future fiancee find it before being proposed to, which sounds like a beautiful idea to us, so why not retweet some ofthe tweets put out by @WhyIFall or search the #WhyILoveYou and help whoever it is in their quest to get engaged.

Here's to a more positive 2017.

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