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July 10, 2016

Episode 170 – Arguments, Battling and Confrontations

The world's going to shit, according to the news. The people of Briton are fighting among themselves following the referendum results, racial abuse is sky-rocketing and even the politicians are in total disarray, leaving Ant and Tom to question "who's steering the ship?"

In America racial tensions are at yet another all-time high after white police officers shot two back people in separate incidents in one week, leading to a peaceful demonstration in Dallas being turned into a bloodbath by an ex-serviceman looking to take action against the police. This leads to conversations about gun laws, voting for the right politician and the more complicated precedent that's been set by killing a civilian on US soil with a drone.

Genius comedian and writer, Caroline Ahern, passed away. If you're British you probably know her work, if not look up The Fast Show and The Royle Family, and perhaps the Mrs Merton Show.

Also, a lesson in humility was dished out by Bad Religion's guitarist to Bring Me the Horizon after they left a douchy flier at a festival the bands were playing last week. Don't try to talk back to an elder statesman of punk, it won't end well.

Luckily, in among all the horrible stuff happening in the world, there has been a ray of light, in that Chris - who was on the last two episodes as well as the insanely long Star Wars Spoilercast - and his wife have had their first child.

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