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June 26, 2016

Episode 168 – Wedding Brexit?

It's been six weeks since Ant and Tom sat down together to record an episode, but Ant is married and is back from his honeymoon and the guys are ready to get back down to it. So much so, there are two returning guests, Luke and Chris (Ozzie) are back to talk about E3, mainly.

However, there is something that happened more recently, and is more important than computer games (as if!) that needs to be addressed. The British public has voted in a 52% majority to leave the European Union. Whether this will be good or bad for Britain, the EU and the word at large remains to be seen, but we need to talk about it to try to make sense of things and make a balanced argument.

We hope you engage with the conversation and we hope it makes sense and that we present reasoned viewpoints. If we've missed anything and you have things to add, you can get in touch with us on all the social links below. What we need to try to do now, in the UK, is to make sure we do our best to make the most of the hand we've been dealt and try to make the situation works to our benefit. This is, as ever, a group of guys sitting around sounding out fresh reactions to a major incident, so it may not be a coherent unbiased argument. Please don't hold that against us and please get in contact with your views.

We hope you enjoy the opening stories from Ant's wedding including him destroying £1000 of his own tech and Tom and Jo being locked out of their house!

The E3 podcast is available for supporters alongside this, but for those of you who aren't supporters it will be released next week - yes, next week - with another episode the week after that. Weekly again, for three whole weeks!

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