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January 3, 2016

Episode 154 – Bitching, Crying & Mourning

Happy New Year! Ant and Tom are back and starting 2016 the way they intend to go on: bitching about celebrities and internet culture. So nothing has changed here!

Targets for this week include the resurgence of Justin Bieber as a credible pop artist... even though Ed Sheeran has written the song. But, through deciphering the lyrics and hearing an interview with Sheeran, is he actually trolling Bieber?

Chris Brown is caught up in another allegation of beating a woman, and a previous villain from the news has reared his ugly head; Ethan Couch - the 'affluenza kid' - could be facing adult charges after breaking the terms of his probation following many charges of underage drinking as well as manslaughter. He is currently residing in a Mexican jail and Ant and Tom are delighted with this.

Christmas and New Year indulgence has taken its toll on Tom who nearly cried at Wreck-it Ralph and was in floods at the end of 12 Years a Slave. Ant also suffered with a bout of holiday-induced-over-emotion at a Reddit post.

The iconic lead-singer and bassist of Motorhead, Lemmy passed away over Christmas just two days after being diagnosed with cancer. Also, George Lucas seemed to land himself in hot water after branding Disney 'white slavers'. Bitter much, George?!

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