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December 13, 2015

Episode 151 – Off She Went With a Trumpety Trump

Before we get into the disgusting meat that is the main topic of the show, there are some listener interactions to get through that makes Ant and Tom realise they made a bit of a blanket statement a couple of weeks ago about feminists.

A couple of extra hypothetical questions were asked by Warlord & Nice Guy that are equally, if not more uncomfortable than any on the previous episode.

The main topic of the show is the hate-speech emanating from Donald Trump about women, Mexicans and Muslims that we genuinely thought would go away but seems to be getting louder. So, Ant and Tom don't just go at him but the entire American political system that lets people with no political background - but a lot of money - run for president.

Ant and Tom look to the past conflict between radicalized groups of Nintendo and Sega gamers that sorted itself out in the end. Maybe there is hope for the world if Mario and Sonic can appear on the same games after years of heated competition.

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