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November 15, 2015

Episode 147 – Shock, Sadness & Sexism

One event has shocked the world this week and it would be hard not to cover it, so Ant and Tom do their best to try to make sense of an incomprehensible situation. For the second time in a year the people of Paris have been targeted by terrorists, but this time it is innocent bystanders who hadn't drawn attention to themselves and were just out to have a good time watching football, going to a gig or simply eating a meal. Our thoughts go out to the victims, and their friends and families.

More people sent in things that would wind them up if there was a 30 second delay, which leads us to the conclusion that pretty much anything would be annoying with if you had to wait half a minute.

To counteract a claim about sexism, Tom finds a male 'celebrity' to pick on this week: Jim Davidson - throwback to the comedians who came out of the working-men's clubs in the 1970's when things were a little less PC. Jim has been upsetting people for decades, but came to light this week when he pissed off a venue he was playing and they treated him badly, in his eyes. Were they right? Was he? Let us know your thoughts on one of the social links below.

It seems that sexism isn't inherent to the worlds of 1970s comedians or podcasters, but also the high-flying world of astronauts. Russia is training the first all-female team of astronauts, bu their media isn't the most progressive judging by the calibre of questions asked in the press-conference.

But one Russian lady is fighting back. She overpowered a robber who tried to take money from her hairdressing business and decided to take the law into her own... hands.

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