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November 1, 2015

Episode 145 – The Moral Maze

This week on Anywhere But here, Ant and Tom talk a bit about Halloween and how they interact with it now compared to how they did when they were younger. Continuing with the Halloween theme, the creepy clowns that had been stalking children outside schools in Kent have been stopped.

Caleb Logan Bratayley, a 13 year-old vlogger, from the Bratayley channel died this week from an undiagnosed medical condition. Due to speculation from the show's viewers the family released a statement putting the facts out there. Ant and Tom discuss the moral implications of new media from both sides of the YouTube viewer/non-viewer perspectives which throws up some interesting points on both sides. Regardless of your point-of-view, the fact that a family has lost someone so young is tragic.

Further debate rages against a 'high-flying' headmistress telling girls that they need to choose between having a career or having a family. This leads to a discussion around the impending shortage in UK engineering (especially women) due to children on taking STEM (Science, Technology, English and Maths) subjects at school. This all circles back around to the pitfalls of technology on the youth of the world who see how 'easy' it is to become 'famous' or well-paid through vlogging so choose not to take the harder path... something Ant and Tom also did... but, would they have had they been properly educated about jobs at school?

It's a moral maze.

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