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October 25, 2015

Episode 144 – Tom’s Long Con

This week has been a strange one. Tom has been away at a big industry show where he spoke quite a lot in front of people, experiencing good and bad customer service, and has spent the weekend trying - and failing - to keep to himself and not speak to people.

Ant has seen Hotel Transylvania 2 which they agree is a good Adam Sandler film as you can't see his face and he isn't doing his own voice. Other films watched by Tom while trying to be alone are Backbeat, the story of Stuart Sutcliffe who left The Beatles to pursue his art; How to Marry a Millionaire, a comedy starring Marilyn Monroe that does what it says on the tin; and Evolution, a sci-fi comedy starring David Duchovny and the beautiful Julianne Moore.... *sigh*.

Other topics include car ownership and maintainance, Tom going to see Spectre for work and the fact that they both like The Great British Bake Off and both missed the final because Liz and Jo don't realise Ant and Tom are closet fans... or not so closet!

The show closes with a shout out to Ian from RIJCast who sent in a link to one-sentence reviews of the Goosebumps series of books. Also, a story of a Welsh football team who set up a fake funeral for their teammate who got himself a new girlfriend recently and has stopped going out with them.


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