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October 11, 2015

Episode 142 – Technical Difficulties

This week's podcast has been cut short due to gremlins in the system. The website went down again and the recording sounded so bad it was un-listenable. We can only apologise.

We've cobbled together an episode for you anyway. What you should look up from the episode are: Josie Cunningham looking like Peter and getting an abortion so she can have a nose job, the fact that scientists have recreated part of a rat's brain on a supercomputer - how long 'til they start on making a human AI? A new crazy from New Zealand called the 'frozen chook' where people are posing naked, rolled up to look like a frozen chicken, check that out.

Also from that area of the world, check out Debonair Fox on YouTube and their twitter account @thedrunkreview. They are funny.

You should also go and see The Martian in cinemas if you get the chance. Tom has seen it and even said it may be good in 3D, Ant has read the book and recommends that highly as well. Other films discussed include The Railwayman, The King's Speech and Unbroken (both the film and the book).

The question posed this week is: 'what are the things you always say you're going to do, but never follow-up on?' For example, "I'm just going out for 'a' drink", "I'll be there at 8 o'clock" or "If you don't stop acting up we won't go to the park!"

Please give us some feedback on any of the social links below... we need it this week. Cheers!

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