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October 4, 2015

Episode 141 – Speaking About Bad Customer Service…

On this week's show, Ant and Tom talk about films TV shows that are coming out in the next few months including the new Netflix Marvel series Jessica Jones that dropped a teaser trailer this week.Also, the return of the X-Files in the new year gets they reminiscing for a series they both watched only a few of but remember fondly.

Tom had an evening out with Scott and Charlie from The Stinking Pause podcast and was introduced to the brains behind the Rochester Kino film club, which may be the start of a new money vacuum for Ant, Tom and Fred!

Katie Hopkins is back in the news with Lord Alan Sugar, the man whose show introduced her to the world, calling her out for her hate spouting ways. She has hit out against a deformed child by saying 'it' has no future and should have been aborted.

Listener, Paul sent in a message that addressed both the 'what's tacky if you're poor and classy if you're rich' question as well as a customer service story that was too good not to read the entire message.

Ant brings in a story about a Russian scientist who has injected himself with bacteria that is millions of years old in the search for eternal life, but won't let 'normal' people try it. Tom talks about the man who set a petrol station alight trying to kill a spider.

They finish on whether or not the new Bond theme from Sam Smith, Writing's On The Wall, is any good... it's not. We're sorry.

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