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September 13, 2015

Episode 138 – Customer Service, Complaints and Quality Correspondence

This week's episode is comprised mainly of listener interactions. Firstly Andrew sends in a video message about an instance were he received bad customer service recently, which leads Ant and Tom to talk about customer service they have received and given and the differences between US and UK customer service employees.

Dave has been in touch to give a look into the help or watch debate from a few episodes ago to give an example of what he has done in the past to help people. He also sent in a story from a paramedic about his first shift which opens up a debate about prank phone calls and if they're ever OK. (Obviously we don't advocate prank calling the emergency services at all, you're a prick if you do.)

Ant tried to do the right thing and report his back problems at work and got a less-than-luke-warm reception. To is going on a business trip to Austria, for a day!

Tom has watched Orphan Black and doesn't particularly get on with it. Is he losing patience with comic book-style films and programmes? Ant has seen the Odd Thomas film and doesn't think it's a patch on the book, much like Tom has read The Road and can't see that the film could be as affecting as the book.

Give us your views on books turned into films by contacting us on one of the links below, let us know which films work, which ones don't which are even better than the books?

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