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August 30, 2015

Episode 136 – Top Shelf, Top Gear

In this week's podcast fellow podcasters from the #PodPals community are bigged up for their successes, including Attaboy Clarence's Adam and The guys over at Stinking Pause. Also mentioned is the Stride & Saunter podcast who we can't recommend enough.

Ant overhears a conversation at work that can only be described as a massive workplace faux pas, which leads to the revelation that Tila Tequila being kicked off Celebrity Big Brother after just one day thanks to photos emerging showing her posing with a gun and some Nazi regalia against a superimposed picture of Auschwitz and claiming that she is Hitler incarnate.

Chris Evans is the new host of Top Gear, which could be a good thing, but who is going to be the co-host(s)? In related news, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have landed a lucrative new show on Amazon Prime where Clarkson will be being paid a LOT of money. Where's the justice there, eh?

A lot of people have started watching to Orphan Black on Netflix which Ant is happy about and Tom has said he'll try to catch up so they can talk about it. Also, there is a show out there for creative types set up by Joseph Gordon-Levitt where people can share content to create new content, it's called Hit RECord on TV. Go watch those shows.

The guys finish off with some funny stories sent on by listeners including the 12 year old boy who put a hole in an expensive painting, a couple break up on an aeroplane and Clarkes shoes apologises, through Optimus Prime, to a little boy that they gave two right shoes to.

All this and more on this week's Anywhere but Here!

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