Anywhere but Here is a general interest podcast that has been described as “A real yorkie podcast” by ‘A Random Listener’ we aren’t really sure what that means, but it sounds good.

August 23, 2015

Episode 135 – Fighting Off a Deadly Funkus

Is week on Anywhere But Here, Ant and Tom read through the emails and correspondence from listeners who have had a lot to say on the subject of one-way systems, the pronunciations of words and the Chinese factory explosion. Leading on to the revelation that a second chemical factory explosion in China.

Tom brings in news of the first western band to perform in North Korea to rather non-plussed looking audience. The band in question was Laibach, a Slovenian avante-guarde band who chose some interesting songs to play.

Ant tells a story of how ants are self-medicating to fight off fungal infection, how does science know this? Take a guess!

The show is finished off in a vintage way, with both Ant and Tom bringing in some of the stranger news stories of the past week, including a Welsh pensioner having her lawn stolen, a couple falling to their deaths after having sex on top of a fort and a man injecting a viagra-style substance into his penis. It didn't go well, but would he do it again?

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